World Book Day
In the heart of Ireland, amidst the storied halls of the Library of Trinity College Dublin, scrolls and tomes whisper tales of long-gone eras. Today, these silent storytellers shine for World Book Day. Established by UNESCO in 1995, the day serves as a reminder of the importance of reading, publishing, and copyright. But why April 23? It marks the shared death anniversary of William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and several other literary greats. From the annual street festival exhibiting authors, poets, and literary organizations in Kensington, Maryland, to the distribution of book vouchers to kids in many countries around the world, this day comes alive with the rustle of turning pages. Interestingly, each year, UNESCO crowns one city as the 'World Book Capital.' The chosen city then carries out activities aimed at promoting reading for the awarded year; this year it is Strasbourg, France. So, have you picked out a book to read yet?