Earth Day
Today is Earth Day—a day dedicated to celebrating the planet we call home and raising awareness of environmental problems. The seeds of this day were planted back in 1969 when Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin witnessed events like the Cuyahoga River catching fire and the Santa Barbara oil spill and decided that the world needed an environmental initiative. A year later, the first Earth Day event was held. Now, it has grown into an annual event with more than a billion people in over 193 countries taking part.
This year, the campaign's focus is on plastics, which are a particularly serious form of pollution on land and in the oceans. Many species—including this green sea turtle—eat plastic waste, mistaking it for food. Plastics also pose an entanglement risk and can also break down to become microplastics. Every year, 25 million tons of plastic enter aquatic ecosystems. So, whether you're planting trees, cleaning up beaches, or simply spreading the word, let's remember to promote sustainable living. After all, there's no planet B!