Marseille welcomes the Olympic torch
Get ready to soak up the sun and Olympic spirit in Marseille, France. A coastal city rich in maritime heritage and cultural diversity, today it welcomes the arrival of the Olympic torch on French soil. The fire was lit in Olympia, Greece, on April 16. Symbolizing the link between the modern games and their ancient Greek heritage, the flame embarks on its journey around host nation France, ahead of the Paris Olympics. The Summer Olympics will begin on July 26. As Marseille prepares to host the Olympic sailing competition, the city pulsates with energy, blending tradition with innovation.
The Château d'If, seen from afar in today's image, featured in Alexandre Dumas' famous novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo.' Standing steadfast amidst the azure waters, the château, built in the 16th century, whispers tales of its past as a Renaissance fortress, prison, and literary muse.